Transforming Emerging Asia markets with the power of AI

what we do

We are redefining the supply chain by combining AI with the real world experience and applying it to every step

Predictive Demand

Transparency in your future sales with our SAAS solutions


Predictive modeling to match demand with supply

Supply Chain Funding

Data-driven funding model for supply

Free Up Working Capital

Offer your supply base cash flow freedom using liquidity from LiberaTrade – this means you will free up capital currently used to pay suppliers for other purposes, such as investing in technology to make your supply chain more competitive and profitable

LiberaTrade is retooling the supply chains from supplier to shelf with data, focused on three main use cases of GROWTH, OPTIMIZATION, and LIQUIDITY

Predict Demand

Grow revenue through product recommendations


Analyze customer behavior for actionable insights


Digital sales which allows predictive inventory management

Optimize Inventory

Predict inventory needs


Reduce Lost Sales


Decreased logistics operating expenses

Recommend Product
Faster access to trade and supply chain finance

Lower cost of capital (through improved risk analysis)

Reduce own working capital

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