Free Up
Working Capital
Liberatrade’s unique approach to supplier financing, leverage insights on the future state of the supply chain to free up working capital.

We focus on supply and demand trends in the supply chain, so that we can provide clarity on which suppliers will provide the most in-demand goods.

These, the critical suppliers in the chain, have less risk than the entire set of suppliers. As such, the cost of capital available to them should not be the same as for the rest of your supplier base.

When this information is added to the other details generally used for trade finance, the transparency leads to improved understanding of risk which can be shared with interested funders.

Demand Flow AI How it Works
We build a new end to end predictive model for the supply chain, by supplier and product. This is then shared with multiple lenders to find the best fit.

We start with current supplier and order data (assess the data) and load into a secure environment for each client.

The Liquidity product in the DemandFlowAI platform can be accessed by multiple funders. Instead of relying on annual, manually generated sales forecasts to assess a client’s risk, they get a dynamic and predictive view on demand in that supply chain. We allow them to fund preferentially the most in demand suppliers - or the entire set.

Once we have put forward an offer (annual interest rate), we will need some initial information (KYC) to put the solution in place. Access to multiple suppliers, plus our own set of capital, allows the options to be put forward so that liquidity can be provided to those that need it.

Outside of the minimum monthly data hosting fees, there are no Liberatrade costs for this service, we connect you to the lender.

As we implement other Liberatrade products - including “Growth” for product recommendations in digital sales platforms and Inventory optimization - this additional information can be used to accelerate new funding offers, effectively bringing down your cost of borrowing while driving direct benefits to your bottom line.

Information in the Liberatrade DemandFlowAI platform is frequently updated and allows for dynamic updates to sales forecasts which can be shared for dynamic discounting.

The other pillars of the Liberatrade platform Growth and Optimization link to to drive more value, providing a rich and unmatched level of detail in supply chain finance origination.

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